Self-adhesive plastic profile, equipped with a TPE protective lip, a PE-sealing tape and a flexible transition to the protective tape with self-adhesive tape for the protection of windows (doors) and frames. The profile is a pure standard plaster molding, movements can not be accepted by it (according to the sealing tape manufacturer a maximum of 10% of the sealing tape thickness).

Product features:

- Clean graduation
- Simple processing
- Maintenance-free joint
- No subsequent cleaning work
- TPE protective lip
- No additional tape necessary
- Reduced sound transmission
- Flexible transition to the protective strap

Processing instructions:
All substrates must be flat, dry, clean, anti-adhesive, dust, grease, and suitable for bonding.

Must Apply Binding Test

For special surfaces (varnish or powder coats), the substrate must be treated prior to application. In this case the window and door supplier must be contacted.

Processing temperature + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C.

10 mm Premium plaster with protective edging BT-APL 15L
Article number BT - APL 15L
Length of the rod 1,4 m 2,4 m
Packaging unit 30 pieces 30 pieces
Packaging content 42 md/box 72 md/box
Packaging unit 40 box/palette 40 box/palette
Packaging content 1680 md/palette 2880 md/palette
Material profile polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Material protective coating thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)

  • Certificate

    All Bautrend products have the appropriate certification documentation required for both the BiH market and the EU countries.