Separation profile Co-extruded solid loopholes, cover profile and VWS mesh.

Product features:

- Perfect for all WDV - Walkthrough
- Suitable for all layer thicknesses
- Rational performance in one work process
- No additional fugue required
- Co-extruded solid loopholes
- Fabric applied profile for protection and covering
- Available sticky corner spacers

Processing instructions:
The separation profile is placed in a height (vertical or horizontal) of the funnel in the insulation layer, ca. 30mm wide.
Profiles must be machined from bottom to top. Attention should be paid to the fact that the leak of the solid upper profile overlaps overlapping the bottom, ca. 50mm so that rainfall can be excluded

For a uniform distribution of joints, as well as for the prevention of pollution of solid loopholes, a factory cover profile is installed. The final coating application method, the protective tape is removed.

Separation profile E - shape including cover profile BT - DFCAP 01
Article number BT- DFCAP 01
Length of the rod 2,5 m
Mesh width 50mm / 50mm or upon request
Fastening the mesh mesh welded
Packaging unit 15 pcs/box
Packaging content 37,5 md/box
Packaging unit 21 box/palette
Packaging content 787,5 md/palette
Material profile polyviny lchloride(PVC)
Solid loop material elastic plasticine PVC
A stiff leap over the nose 50 mm
The width of the loose loop 62 mm

  • Certificate

    All Bautrend products have the appropriate certification documentation required for both the BiH market and the EU countries.