WDVS accessories

To fit a perfect and functional profile, windows and doors must be fitted with the latest technology to exclude unwanted movements.

When installing the profile, the following points must be observed:
- the lids must not be tilted or bent (caution when transporting)
- working temperature of 5°C - 40°C
- the ointment must be in optimal condition (without moisture, freezing, excessive temperatures ...)
- the bottom, the sticky surface must be dry, clean, stable and free of dirt, also check the condition of the surface to be glued
- the cleaning agent must be applied moderately with a clean cloth on the window and door
- before the profile is installed, it is necessary to perform a test of adhesion. Photodocumentation is recommended.

The adhesive test shall be performed on a protected surface:

1. clean the surface, then paste the length profile approx. 10cm, press firmly, wait min. 10min sl.3

2. lightly slit profile (4 and 5)
- the probe is positive if the adhesive surface and the contact surface are opposite the other (6 and 7) and if after gliding it is min. 80% foam strips

- the test is negative (8 and 9), the surface must be treated with an appropriate primer (10), in order to remain evenly on the surface of the foam strip of the profile. Details of the primer type should be noted at the supplier of the carpentry.

- proper preparation work is required prior to joining the profile
- Appointment of aids - leaks
- Particular care should be taken to ensure that the finish does not last until installation (11)
- After positioning the profile, it is necessary to apply strong pressure over the entire length of the profile, which decides on the functionality of the profile.

- make special profiles with special tools, Bautrend recommendations BT-KBS 01 (13 and 14) foam tapes
- impermissible cavities behind the window profiles and windows