A refined piece of foamed adhesive tape with self-priming.

Self-adhesive plugs made of foam-proof adhesive strips for rainfall damages of all usable connection straps.

Product features
- No maintenance, adhesive tape for rainfall isolation
- No extra isolation is required
- Insulation of 10 impact profiles / piece of foamed adhesive tape
- Simple processing
- Self-adhesive

Processing instructions:
Stick the self-adhesive foil stickers from the pieces and stick them at the end of the splice profile at the bottom of the PE-adhesive tape.

Then, at the end of the gluing strips, tap the other adhesive tape at <= 1mm.

Sticky foam stickers BT - KBS 01
Article number BT - KBS 01
Self-sticking plugs made from foam-glued strips
A piece of foam strips 10 plugs / piece
Material foam adhesive tape see the list of data

  • Certificate

    All Bautrend products have the appropriate certification documentation required for both the BiH market and the EU countries.