About us...

Company RAJZ d.o.o was founded in 1996 in Sarajevo, where within the company, since 2008, operates the factory for producon of materials for finishing works in construction under the protected trademark BAUTREND. In the year 2012 is installed modern technological process for producting colors/dyes, facades, adhesives for polystyrene (EPS,XPS) and rock wool, ceramic glues, plasters and insulations. All BAUTREND products have adequate attest documentation that is needed for market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU countries.

The complete BAUTREND technological process is composed out of four producon units:

- processing of aggregates
- producon of black program
- producon of white program
- producon of wet program

At 10.000 m² is installed a new modern and automated technological process with complete necessary infrastructure and supporting facilies were strictly respected when the new plant has been installed.
Installed capacity of BAUTREND production facility is 50.000 tons of finished products per year. Technological process is synchronized by professionals, and quality of raw materials and finished products is tested by engineers in in-house laboratorie.
Continuous investment in human resources made brand BAUTREND recognized in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, as well as in the EU countries. Quality of our BAUTREND products has created a name and trust that our customers believe in.

Combining the most modern technologies and quality raw materials, our company guarantee top quality products at very acceptable prices, which allows high quality and profitable construction...

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