Stiropor Rondelle / Graphite

Round styrofoam washers with tapered edges close the styrofoam drips that are related to the insulation board.
The cover is used as a filler on the EPS rack.
Designed for reducing heat losses.

Product Features
- Excellent thermal insulator
- Resistant to moisture / prepainted
- Easy to install, easy to format

The styrofoam washer was made of EPS Styrofoam F and FG, which is used for thermal insulation of façade fasteners, characterized by durability of shape and shape, good ecological characteristics and easy to handle.

Rondella BT - RF 01
Article number BT - RFB 01 / BT - RFG 02
Width of rondelle 67mm, 65mm
Composition expanded polystyrene
Heat stability 40/80 °C
Thickness 16 mm
Packing 200 pcs/box
Thermal conductivity ?D: 0,032 W/mK; 0,039W/mK

  • Certificate

    All Bautrend products have the appropriate certification documentation required for both the BiH market and the EU countries.