Profile of the blind with a VWS network.
Corner profile (PVC) with cap and threaded with glass fiber mesh.
For making sheds on insulated lower sides of balcony, window sill, box for shutters, end sections without profiles etc.

Profile slip 4mm.

Product features
- Target rainfall
- Precise Edge Edge
- Available pasted corner pieces

Processing instructions:
The cutter profile is strengthened prior to reinforcement of the surface over the entire surface with the system-related reinforcing mass directly to the superimposed area of ​​the prepared insulating board. In this case, place the reinforcement mass on the insulating board edge and insert the profile. The reinforcement mass should be applied in the mesh ribbon mesh. Then the retention strips are incorporated into the wet reinforcing mass and coat. The glass fiber mesh of the next surface reinforcement must be reduced to the corner area of ​​the curved profile and the integrated glass fiber mesh should be folded approx. 10 cm.

Profile of the blind with a VWS networkBT - TKP 02
Article number BT - TKP 02
Length of the rod 2,5 m
Mesh width refers to the client
Fastening the mesh welded
Packaging unit 25 kom/box
Packaging content 62,5 md/box
Packaging unit 40 box/palette
Packaging content 2500 md/palette
Material profile polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

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