WDVS - facade systems...

Bautrend systems enable the construction of a high-quality facility with modern design and can satisfy the most demanding architectural ideas.

The first detail that attracts attention to the building is the façade.
The word façade comes from the Latin facies, which in the translation means face, and therefore the facade is the "face of the building".

Carefully select the type of façade system, because with a quality selection you will get a long-lasting and economically effective solution. All parts that comes in the Bautrend facade system have been selected to achieve long-term protection.

In the thermal insulation facade system, we recommend round styrofoam renders with conical edges which seal in the styrofoam that are connected to the insulating plates , the final rondel is used as a filler on the rosette of the EPS clip. Consequently, it reduces the thermal loss of insulation. - It is important to emphasize that by installing quality WDVS profiles, dilatation moldings, avoiding the necessary loss of energy.

Bautrend offers you a wide range of quality WDVS profiles for interior and exterior, which enables a high quality mix of embedded materials, and on demanding facilities we offer professional support in selecting appropriate profiles with our Austrian partners.

EPS facade system is one of the most common insulation materials in the building because of its good insulation properties, low prices, and easy installation. Non-insulated objects require a higher amount of heating energy, and the result is the increase in the price of use and the increased environmental pollution.

Bautrend facade system allows you to reduce thermal losses in the winter and overheat summer space, which contributes to the prolongation of the lifetime as it prevents damage caused by condensation and sudden temperature changes that can lead to unhealthy and unhealthy live.